3A BRIGHT 9 Watt B22 Round Colour LED Bulb (Blue, Green) Combo Pack of 6 Piece

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  • Special Feature      Colour Led Bulb
  • Light Type             LED
  • Wattage                9 Watts
  • Light Colour          Blue & Green
  • Brand                    3A BRIGHT
  • Bulb Base              B22
  • Finish Type            Glossy


Included Components: 9 WATT B22 ROUND DOB(Direct on Board) (BLUE Pack of\n 3 and GREEN Pack of 3) Color Led Bulb Combo Pack Of 6 Bulb, Bulb Base: \nB22 Wattage: 9-Watts, Special Feature: Long life, low power consumption,\n power saving LED lamp, Zero mercury content makes the disposal easy, \nNon toxic - no lead, no mercury, Up to 40 percent energy saving \n(compared to CFL),Up to 85 percent energy saving (compared to GLS)
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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